febrero 28, 2010

future shit

We past all of our live think on the future, but actually the future don't exist, is a lie, one class of fuking drug, who serve when we feel like a shit, or when we tought on the problems of the present, but sometimes the entire present is a fuking shit, a problem who we prefer to miss, scape from all the problems, or enfront
THE PROBLEM... becouse finally ends is One problem, who exeeds all the others, and we know (or we feel) who found the solution of that problem, is found the solution of all the fuking problems, but that also is a lie... one spittle of the destiny
... i believe in fate, (¿do you believe?) ... i think, all the problem have one solution, but we need intensify our faith , and focus in the present, who is that, one present, a gift of the destiny, or a prube, always we can win, win a new, present, make
our dreams, the dying dreams, are dreams, who are to close to be real, for better or for worse, that is ... the journey of our life
the infinity road, who never ends, becouse the dead is other test.
we must know, the life is a journey, a journey to the eternity, and our destiny, is a universe who we can explore, and kill.

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cualquier parecido con la realidad, o con persona viva o muerta, No es una Coincidencia, las coincidencias, no existen.

Hay que expresar la libertad, de hacer lo que quieras, tal y como quieras, siempre que lo hagas con pasión.