febrero 22, 2010

Tory in dead land

tory are in the bathroom
- who i am , she say when saw his soul in the mirror
knock knock, its the clock ....
the demons of the dark side of the mirror are coming to our world
¿what is the real world, darling? ¿who are the demons here?
the time is dead, and tory are now in shock
she try to kill the remember, of his lost love...
- what you are tory¿?...
(the demons said)
your soul is now a bloody camp of dead
you are like us..
tory lost his mind, his hearth and his soul...
nothing happens now...
the hurts is gone, but Tory doesn't know now, if she is alive or not...
now is in the air, and the black demons are now, part of his lost soul

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cualquier parecido con la realidad, o con persona viva o muerta, No es una Coincidencia, las coincidencias, no existen.

Hay que expresar la libertad, de hacer lo que quieras, tal y como quieras, siempre que lo hagas con pasión.