julio 07, 2010

The black smoke

Black smoke born from myself... everything is out of control, everything is in total peace, the time never wait, the time never was so dead... in one space of crazy madness, broken mirrors, broken minds, broken hearts, and millions of bottles... nothing more clear as a vodka... never so dangerous like affronted yourself, and put down the trigger...
what's up?... your heart keep beating? you're no so far of your finish line as you thinking... yo need stop one minute, focus in the present... focus in yourself... and kill everyone else...
sound like a egocentric shit, but is not... is the reality... and you need show your heart and your soul, to yourself...

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cualquier parecido con la realidad, o con persona viva o muerta, No es una Coincidencia, las coincidencias, no existen.

Hay que expresar la libertad, de hacer lo que quieras, tal y como quieras, siempre que lo hagas con pasión.